Normally if given a choice between traveling alone and with someone, I’d choose to do it alone. The reason will be unveiled once you try.

into cookies, and here is what I ended up getting. Chewy chocolate cookie #laboulange #starbucks

What really fascinates me about people is our capacity to love and hate, as well as our ability to deal with change. I can see how much my everyday life has changed throughout different phases of development. The ability to adapt to so much change and to also be the force of change is extraordinary. To me, the more lessons learned, the sharper the knife.

Seems like I can’t let go of the past, the past merely about you.

The eagerness gets stiff when I know I can’t be without you. So long NYC.

NYC : you’re my all.

Foggy New York : Fog engulfed much of New York City this morning.

Sunny back in the fall, before the fog is eating up the city.

It is just a matter of time. Time to leave the nest.. leaving with select memories

The year went by, but the struggle within still stays the same.